Install Vocal Plugins For Ardour (Easy to use & Setup)

I’m quite new to Ardour DAW - I thought of switching to Linux for music recordings (just vocal covers) using Ardour.

The topic of this post might be similar to previous posts but I’m in no mood to scroll years of content in those threads. Apologies.

Even though the default plugins work good enough for the basics, I miss a lot of cool plugins that I had on Windows (VocalSynth,Waves,Nexus).

The problem is - I don’t want to utilize Wine on Linux - so what could be the possible alternatives to these plugins that can be easily setup on Ardour?

My aim is to: 1. Correct the pitch 2. Add some vocal effects to make it interesting & make the process of making music (amateur) easy similar to what Nexus does.

P.S: Also, I’d be curious to know how to setup the plugins using Wine with Ardour (Any up-to-date links will be helpful).


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Thank you so much for the links! I’ll try them out! :slight_smile:

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