install on Raspberry Pi 2

Hey guys,
Anyone have some tips on installing on a Pi2? I’m currently getting this error:

!!! ERROR !!! - Unknown architecture armv7l

Are you downloading the binaries from this site? They are only for x86 32bit and AMD 64bit and the Raspberry Pi is ARM-based.
My home file/email server is a Raspberry PI, and I’ve just tried aptitude search, and there is a version of Ardour in the Raspbian repository, but it’s only Version 2.8.14 in mine, which is based on Debian Wheezy.

If you want a later version of Ardour you’ll have to build it from source, which might be an interesting experience on a Raspberry Pi…

More information here:

Anahata is 100% correct. Builds from run only on x86/x86_64 architectures (though the nightly site does also offer PowerPC builds for OS X).

Thanks so much for the quick replies. Has anyone compiled the source software for this application yet? Or am I traveling down a lonely road?

Ardour on RPi? You’re on a lonely road.

There’s a serious perfomance limitation with RPi for audio recording: there’s one USB hub which you would be using for your audio interface and probably for an external hard disk. While recording multiple channels that means all your data has to pass through the same USB interface twice, severely limiting your channel capacity.
It’s bad enough with mine as a server where the Ethernet port is also on the USB network, but I can put up with it being a little slow, whereas real time performance for audio would be a real problem.
A better alternative would be something like the Odroid C1, which can use an eMMC card for storage. Limited in space (64GB max) but like a small SSD, 2-3 times faster than SD card. The Odroid C1 costs only a little more than RPi and is a much higher performance device all round.

The Odroid C1 looks cool. Similar to the Pi2 with a slightly faster processor.
Uses the same ARM7processor architecture though.
I’m well aware of the limitations, but was looking to put together a small rig capable of recording 2-4 tracks. Figured this would do the trick.
Gonna see if I can find some nerd/friends to help install from the source code.

You could just use the Ardour 2.8.14 from the raspbian repository to start with. It’s more than adequate for making simple recordings (or even whole albums) and you’ll find out how many tracks you can record.

If you record at 48000 Hz and 24bits, you will have a stream of 1152000 bps, that is, approx 1 Mbps. USB 2 can in practice handle 280 Mbps according to the Wikipedia article. That means it would be able to handle 280 tracks.

I do not know exactly what happens when you connect both the audio interface and the hard disk to the same USB interface. Perhaps you reduce the capacity further when the same bit stream first goes into the RPi and then out again. Seems like a worst case scenario would mean that it is capacity is halved. That would still leave you with a capacity of 140 tracks.

So USB as such should not be the problem. But there are most likely other limitations in RPi that would make it difficult to handle 140 tracks :slight_smile:


I compiled ardour5 from git and have it running on the pi 2.
But everything is slow, even if the CPU is not at 100%…
See here: