install 5.5 on debian 8

Have downloaded 5.5 from ardour site for 32 bit linux.

when clicking on download .run file I get "This document was not utf-8 valid.

How do I access the executable files?

Problem solved just found the install instructions given to another user by Paul.

Is there a topic search or FAQ on this forum?

If your screen is at least 1024 pixels wide, there’s a search widget at the top right. If it is narrower, there currently is not.

Also, google search is nearly always better than just searching this forum (in fact, the search widget just uses google site-specific search, which you can emulate by adding to your google search string)

“How do I enable real time kernel permissions on my Linux installation?”

The answer to this one should point out that ‘real time kernel’ and ‘real time permissions’ are two completely separate things :wink:

@Learn Digital Audio: if you are capable of filing a bug, you’ll easily find the bugtracker and do that. About plugin list… Well, it’s alwayd different on dofferent systems. For example, I still experience huge problems with EQ10Q eqalizers (all versions), but they work perfect on every other computer in the entire world, so it can’t be just formed and published. All other suggestions are fine, I double them.

Sorry, it should be “equalizers” and “different”. Typing too fast.