Inserts can only have one output


I checked out the latest 2.0 ongoing from SVN yesterday evening (version 3198). Now, my inserts can only have one output. If I click “add output”, it greys out and the operation is therefore no longer possible. Can anyone confirm this behavior ? I will submit the issue in Mantis if confirmed.

Sorry, I meant one INPUT, not output! Outputs are fine, there are two of them by default since I create the insert from a stereo bus.

you are right!
in a stereo track, the first pre fader insert i add hass two inputs, but every next has only one. post fader, the inserts always having only one input.
for a mono track, pre and post fader insert always having only one input.


When opening a session created with an old Ardour, existing inserts loose their inputs. It’s impossible to add an input.

this issue/these issues is/are fixed (at least for now) in 2.0-ongoing svn rev 3205.

confirmed. Thanks :slight_smile: