inserts and sends

Hi i recently downloaded mixbus 2.3 and i please wanted to how to make an effect affect only part of a track and not the entire track.thanks in advance.


Technically written for Ardour but most would apply for Mixbus.


Thanks for your help man

There are also some Mixbus videos on youtube:

In case you need some small correction of gain, sudden flanger or some dly, whatever, try this.
I call it “process in place”. In Pro Tools for instance you choose a part of audio clip and “render” it by Audio Suite.

In MixBus/Ardour:
you can split (cut) a part of audio clip that you would process, put your fx into insert and by right mouse button klick on that clip
and choose bounce. MixBus/Ardour/ will render a new audio clip and put it into region list on the right side. This clip includes fx you have put in that channel. This is one of manny possible solutions.

If you mix sessions, and you need more sophisticated technique, more control over mixdown, use automation.

Thanks for the tips im going to give it a try

Sorry just a last little problem i have been recording my songs on other DAWs such as MIXCRAFT and AUDITION.But when i discovered MIXBUS my first approach was to import my audio files and mix them under MIXBUS.Now i woud like to do all the job under MIXBUS but when i plug-in my microphone and try to sing im unable to do so (microphone not recording) i wanted to know they were some basic configurations i have to carry out before being able to do so.