Inserting regions

I’m working on a tune with seven audio tracks and one midi track. It’s in 4/4 and I left one measure of space at the beginning.

Can I insert two blank measures at the beginning globally or do I have to do each track separately?
Please provide a detailed example.


You can go to the beginning of the project by pressing the home key. Select all tracks by pressing Ctrl +T then go to top menu and select Track -> insert time. You can right-click to change the values to bars and beats if your primary clock is not already set that way. Simply click in the second box and type 2 followed by enough zeros show 002 | 00 | 0000. Select any options like “move markers” and click “Insert time” to confirm.

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Totally awesome. Thanks so much!

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One problem I’m having is when I try to type in the box to edit the time values, I click in the box but it won’t let me enter any numbers. The backspace and delete keys don’t do anything either.

Any suggestions?


I hate to ask the obvious but is your numlock on?

Only between my ears! I figured it out. When you click on the numbers it put a vertical bar between the two zeros on the far right. As you enter the numbers they move to the left overwriting the numbers that are in there. Inserted the time with no problems once I figured it out.

BTW, I’m using Ardour 5 that came with Ubuntu Studio.

Glad you managed to figure it out! Yes, the numbers overwriting seems typical for this type of workflow. I use the same method in Ardour as well as Pyramix.

However, I guess the other way to achieve the blank measures at the beginning is to set the tracks as a group (to keep everything together in lieu of a all-tracks ripple edit mode) and then drag any of the regions to the right with snap enabled. I find this more intuitive, honestly, given I almost always have ripple edit and grouping enabled from the beginning of a project.

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind for the next session I start.

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