Inserting n bars

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in multitrack MIDI projects I often need to insert n bars at a certain point.
So at that point I have to manually:

  1. cut all the tracks one by one
  2. select all the regions to the right of the cut
  3. move them to the right by n bars

thus I created the space I wanted to insert.
Is there a way to “insert n bars” automatically, with “n” settable?
It would be convenient (it should automatically do all the steps I listed above).
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Menu > Track > Insert time.

First select all tracks (ctrl + t). Then open the Insert Time Dialog.
(right-click on the clock to switch it to Bar:Beats, unless it’s already showing that)
type 4000000 for 4 bars (the cursor shifts left, 4 bars, 00 beats 0000 ticks).


With Ardour 7.5 there is also an alternative. With the range tool, select N bars beyond the end of the session (where there is no data). Then place the edit-point (usually Playhead) at the position where you want to insert time and, use Menu > Edit > Copy+Paste Range Section to Edit point (Ctrl+Shift +C).

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Very nice, it works perfectly in Ardour 7.4 (Linux).
Thank you,

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