insert a sampler on audio track


As a new user of Ardour, I search for tips…

Is it possible to insert a sampler on audio track, like “Drumagog TM” does ?

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Is Linuxsampler capable of recieving an audio stream, and trigger itself by applying some kind of treshold-based trigger? This is what we’re looking for, isn’t it?

hey roaldz, I don’t know about linuxsampler yet but you can check a VST example here :

just read the description and you’ll have hints as to how to use audio triggered sampler in a track. This VST, for example, can be launched with dssi-vst or fst and used in an insert point (feeder signal and sampled signal in sam track) or send point (sampled signal can be routed wherever.

For Thorgal :

Hi, the only reason of my presence here is this true willing to switch from another “O$” I don’t even want to mention…

Am I dreaming when I hope to make some good sounds for our music whitout VST(i) or other things issued from this “so-called-operating” system ? :-)) I mean, can take the time to learn, but not really if only Ardour really works (of this I’m sure, for the rest except Jack and Jamin, still trying to find real tools…)

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hehe, I see your point :slight_smile:
I have a rather loose approach: I don’t mind using VSTs (in fact VSTi’s as for effects, I tend to prefer hardware). Most of the effect plugins I use are ladspa or LV2 but I don’t overuse them at all. I record my EL-guitar or bass tracks through h/w effects in general.

I like my linux environment, I suck at windows because I hardly used it in my life for anything but helping my girlfriend with issues she has with her PC. But once in a while comes a piece of program that integrates very well in my linux studio. And if it’s a VSTi, so what ? when I find a tool valuable for my work, I don’t have any particular “taboo” regarding closed-source, etc. You see, the VSTi has been compiled for Mac or MS windows, but not necessarily designed by Mac or MS. Usually, when I start to use a VSTi regularly, I contact the VSTi authors and suggest they provide a linux native version fully jack aware, etc. What they think about my suggestion is up to them but at least, I am throwing the idea.

You know, one day, all this will become rather irrelevant as I believe the monolithic business model will die (you can already smell it in the air these days ;))

In the mean time, use the tools you want and that you’re good at using. I am sure you’ll come up with an MS free production environment and derive a lot of satisfaction once you reach the top of the linux learning curve (… is there a top ?). As to my using VSTi’s, I am very glad I use them, I don’t care if they need wine, they sound the way I want and derive a lot of goodies out of them :slight_smile: Coming from a unix background, I don’t have this love/hate relationship with other OSes, I stick to linux for the environment, and wine is a linux “app”, isn’t it ? A VST running in wine is like opening a MS word doc with openoffice :slight_smile: except you can hardly easily convert the VST to dssi or LV2 :smiley:

hehehe, think I can see your point without efforts !!

But don’t have any VSTi… did you said “too bad for you” or “take more time to search” ??

Anyway, thank you for this true answer. And as you said, no problem with monolithic things ))

About the top of Linux, a newbie as I am can only have his way up… And can’t see the top… Sorry for bad english !

About asking authors about Linux, I have made a bad experience of it, with a french boss of M-Audio, who finished to tell (after 4 mails) something like “we are producing professional tools and are sorry that we cannot satisfy you, but we never write that we offers Linux support”… I was asking him about Linux drivers for the KR49 keyboard I have bought, and in his first answer he said something like “cool ! we like Linux so much, and helps by giving hardware to the Debian Team”… Did you said something about monolithics, my friend ? In this M-audio executive mister’s reply, I don’t hear “go play in the backyard with your friends”, but just like a fly around my ear (egyptian proverb)

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no, but you can set up a sampler program and connect it via jack to a bus in Ardour

Hi Hogiewan,

thanks for answer. What sampler do you think it can be used this way ?

Hi Thorgal,

Many thanks for these precisions !


you could also use an insert :

ardour track pre or post-fader : insert point
insert out -> sampler in
sampler out -> insert in

you’ll be able to record the stuff since it’s a track. But if you trigger the sampler with the track’s audio, and want to redirect the sampler’s out elsewhere, use a track send point.

Ok, thank you for the tip :

ardour audio track out >> sampler in
sampler out >> ardour bus/track in

(These connections in Qjackctrl)

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I’ve never done this before, so I can’t recommend one. Just search for a sampler that uses jack