Inputs 1 and 2 not working (MAYA1010)

Hi there,

I am hoping somebody can help me with my problem. I have a maya1010 sound card (8 analog ins/outs). I am using jack control panel and everything loads up fine. Playback is fine in ardour and i can record with channels 3 through 8 but it there is just no signal coming into channels 1 and 2.

Even if i patch capture_1 directly to playback_1 and 2 there is still nothing. I am guessing its maybe because these are the master channels and there is a conflict with my ubuntu (jaunty 64bit, running rt kernel) system sound. I have no idea how to find this conflict even if it does exist.

Does anybody have any experience with a similar problem? It would be much appreciated.


You probably have disabled those inputs on the card somehow.
Does envy24control work with that card? In that case use that and look at the settings. Otherwise perhaps alsamixer can help you.

Thanks for the reply peder. I have tried using the envy control, it does work but not 100%, once again i cant get anything from channel 1 and 2 and the other channels only register on the master and the meters for the separate channels don’t.

I’ll give the alsamixer a bash and see if i can come up with anything.

Will let you know whats happening.

Thanks again.