Input trim controls don't move

In 4.7 from I can’t do anything with the input trim controls. I can’t recall if I’ve tried using them before in an earlier version, but if I click on one and try to turn it, it doesn’t move.

Working here. Probably not diagnosable without a screen capture video. At the very least, please get on IRC where we can talk in real time.

@CraigPid You do have to move your mouse a long way before it starts moving. Either side to side or up or down. I have to move .5 inch (1cm) before values start to change, more before the knob itself visibly moves. The scroll wheel also works BTW but the mouse drag is a finer control.

You might be interested in bug 6659 (

I quite possibly may be losing my mind. It works perfectly. I could have sworn that it wouldn’t move last night.