Input to MIDI1 disconnected

Is what I see when I try to connect Calf Organ, or any other instrument, to Ardour3.5 64bit.

I go the Ardour patchbay, but the obvious move of connecting the source to the input causes the flashing ‘Feedback’ light to come on.

Help much appreciated.

Come on guys, I know the answer is pathetically obvious, but only when you know it!

I am connecting Calf Organ in the simplest way possible. Starting the application, Ardour 3.5.14, adding a MIDI track, selecting from the instrument list. The organ will produce sound from the piano roll view. Clicking in the panel which informs me of the disconnection shows me that the MIDI in and out are not connected. Connecting them produces the feedback light. Looking at Qjackqtl shows me that the audio side is connected but no midi connections are made.

I should have added that my Akai LPK25 MIDI keyboard is connected via USB. The same procedure carries out on the latest update of AVLinux produces the same result.

I don’t know if this is your problem but I have seen nasty midi loops in Ardour3 if you use a2jmidid because Ardour3 will autoconnect a2jmidi -> midi through to both input in and output of a midi track. Then if you click any note on the keyboard on a midi track an infinite loop will occur because the signal is sent to midi through and then back in to the midi track via midi through input. So make sure the midi output to a midi channel is not connected to the midi input of a channel.

Thanks Edward.