Input level ramdomly varies for each track

How do I get Ardour to records at the same input level for each track? I am using a USB mic to record. Jack is set up and quite often recording works perfectly. But every other time or so the input level for a newly added track is significantly lower than the previous input levels. Sometimes I can solve this problem by simply adding another track and the input level is back to where it used to be (in the added track, I have to delete the one with the low input). I am sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn’t find a solution using the search function. Thanks a bunch in advance.

Are you using a samson c01u usb mic?

Even though it is a mono mic, it has a stereo output. One side is louder than the other due to the way it’s preamp works.

Check the inputs on the tracks and make sure you are always using the same side of the stereo pair.

It’s possible other USB mics do the same thing too.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am using the C01U. Since I prevoiusly used it with CoolEdit extensively I know about that stereo/mono problem. When I am recording stuff, I usually lay down the mic in front of me on the table with the yellow light facing the guitar or any other instrument. I never use the “back side” of the mic. So this can’t the problem. Still thanks again.

OK, I solved the problem. The stereo/mono thing pointed the right direction. I applied some effects to the previous tracks (reverb/compression) and already did some panning. Ardour then somehow interpreted the tracks as stereo recordings. In JackCtrl I figured out that the new tracks were connectet to capture_2 instead of capture_1. Ardour then tried to balance out the difference between the two channels. Thus the lower level. Connecting the new tracks with capture_1 did the trick though.