input gain control

Love 4.1, the new input gain control is nice. Is there though, any significance to the changing colors of the little button when you hover on/off of them? Also noticed a few that were two colors split down the middle.

I like the way I can adjust in input gain with my scroll wheel (in +/- 2db intervals). Just wondering about the colors, that’s all.

Nice work as always, Paul, et al,

yep, that was it. thanks colinf. it wasn’t an ‘issue’, just a bit wacky.

You probably need to reset the theme to default - if you edited the colours for 4.0, your saved theme won’t have colours for the input gain controls. “Edit | Preferences | Theme | Restore Defaults”. Or if you’ve made theme customisations you don’t want to lose, you can just set the colours for ‘trim knob’ there.