Input and output vumeters at the same time

I intend to use ardour for live stuff. So input and output metering is important to me.
Is having an input AND output meter possible at the same time? The mixers I use at work (physical mixers), all have some form of input level vumeter. The model we have the most has a small 10 led vumeter next to the fader that shows the input signal level, and that’s very very handy. Other mixers we use simply have it in the form of 2 leds, a green leds that means there’s something there, and a red for clipping.
It would be nice that all channel tracks had a small vumeter (horizontal at the top maybe) that always showed the input level, so that you coud have the big main vumeter set to whatever else one might need.

Thank you.

Metering is the single most expensive thing that Ardour does (when run without any plugins). Each track or bus has a single meter object which generates meter data and can be placed anywhere in the signal flow. But it doesn’t have more than one of them.

I read this as you were asking for input meters on the input channels, and output meters on the output channels, not both input and output metering simultaneously on a single channel correct? Just checking, you know about the meterbridge window correct?

By the way, a VU meter is a very specific meter with specific rise and falloff values, etc., not usually what you get when you are talking about an LED based meter on a mixing console. In fact very few consoles these days use a true VU meter at all.


Recently there was a similar feature request to have a meter-bridge display of all physical inputs (independent of mixer-strips, connections and monitor state).

When you say “always show track input level”. Do you mean the signal-level of audio that is sent to the mixer-strip ? Depending on monitoring, that would be audio from disk or silence or live input (from one or more ports).

When recording live sessions, I expect you’ll always want physical inputs. Is that also true when mixing live?