Inner Nocturne - (black) metal with Ardour

Hello All,

I bought my very first guitar a year and a half ago, and started my solo metal project.
I’ve published some of my songs - of course all of them were made with the great Ardour!
And all of them were home-recorded as well - a totally amateur job.
So if anyone likes some sort of black metal, and is brave enough to listen to them, you are welcome to visit my site:



I have finally recorded a new song. If someone somehow liked my previous works, maybe will find the new one worth listening.
As before, all the job was done in home, and mixed in Ardour of course.
I know that many parts should have been played better, but I don’t have enough skills yet (still a beginner)… So take it as it is - you have been warned :slight_smile:
Additionally I made some minor changes to the overall sounding, hopefully for the better.

If anyone’s interested, please visit

and pick the last one - Thorns In Me.



I really enjoyed your tracks, although they are pretty classic black metal, they have a touch of originality. Reminds me of a blend of early Dimmu Borgir, Dissection and a bit of Graveland, but with personality.

Keep up the good work!


I really like your music, amazing to see what you can do after playing 1 year guitar.

Just to let you know, i am also playing in a Black Metal band but more in the depressiv corner. We are currently recording some songs for a new Cd but this time we have it all done with ardour and linux, which turns out to be great.

If you want you can give it a try. Got some songs from our first and second demo on myspace.

Hails from Germany

Hi Guys!

I really appreciate your comments! Many many thanks for the good words!!
I’ll always try to keep my music (at least somehow) original, and interesting, simultaneously rising my guitar skills.
Although my riffs are rather simple, I try to make them catchy, and unique, although the whole sounding stays in rather “classic frames” of this genre.

@interferon - I’m very glad of your comment, and how you find my music, because it was my aim to make something “classic”, but original as well, additionally with some syths/sympho parts to add into it even more individuality and its own shape.

@Azeroth - although I’ve been learning for a year and a half, it’s not so amazing, really - I still make lots of mistakes. It usually takes me a few weeks before I “masterize” my riffs, and feel ready for recording.
On my site I listed my songs in the order I recorded them (besides the instrumental one, which is much older) - the first one I recorded after 8 months of learning, and as you probably noticed it’s the simplest composition (although I hope it’s interesting enough and worth publishing). The next one was done more less after a year, and the last one was finished just a month ago, after about 18 months of learning, and it contains the most complex riffs (for me of course :slight_smile: ). Now I’m learning a few riffs with tremolo picking, so it will take me another few weeks before I start recording my next song.
I listened to your material at myspace - although this “depressive corner” is not my favourite area, I enjoyed your new tracks, especially the one called “Silence” - great climate/melody. I’m sure your new stuff will be recognizable and appreciated by many people listening to e.g. Shining and other bands of this kind.
Btw, if you’re interesting in listening some new stuff, but it’s not a depressive area for sure, there’s another home-recorded project I participate in - Astral Emersion - I’m on vocals only, guitars are played by a much more experienced person. You can find us on myspace:

OK, thanks again Guys, and if I have anything new, I’ll update this topic, so if you want you will a have a chance to listen something classic, but fresh/original (I hope).


Hi, great tunes, how do you record the drums? with a real drum ?


Thanks for you comment - I guess it’s the best compliment I could have been payed regarding the drums :slight_smile:
This is because they are not the real ones… Or let’s say the samples are real, but the whole drumming is done in Hydrogen (everything’s recorded in my small room, so even if I had had real drums, I couldn’t have been able to make them sound like this; despite the fact I can’t play them at all ;)).

It’s not a secret - the drums are from Analogue Drums, and I bought the ones:

Next I imported the samples into hydrogen. That’s almost all.
On the last step, after recording tracks in Ardour, additionally I play a little with mastering, and fine tune some frequencies of particular drums.
And that’s all the mystery :wink:


I’ve recorded a new song. If anyone liked my previous works, be welcome to visit my site, and listen to the new one.
As usual, home recording.

(the last one, Dark Antimatter Mystica)