Initial Support for Frontier Design Tranzport in Ardour 2.0

Frontier Design kindly donated one of their Tranzport wireless control surfaces to the project. Within a few hours, transport control was operational and Ardour could use the LCD screen. There is lots more work to be done on the control surface infrastructure, but we expect full support for the Tranzport within a few days. For now, this is as good as it gets: a picture of the Tranzport screen under Ardour's control.

Cool little gadget!
Way to go!

Son of Zev
If? Records/Littlewolf Records
64-bit ardour
Athlon64 3500+ 1Gb low latency Ram
M-Audio Delta 1010 - MOTU mtpav(as standalone 64bit driver not working)

I am assuming the maker (Frontier Design Group) is being supportive!!! That is awesome… The more hardware manufactures do this kind of thing… The better for everyone.

Wireless and USB… (Perhaps some Bluetooth serial standard aka BT Profiles like SPP or HID). [update, not BT but custom DSS transiever on same 2.4GHz for that that want to know – result is increase battery life for one thing!]

Just means one more thing that will make people “MORE” eager for Ardour2 !!! smile I am already eager to research various Mackie Control API (I think I saw this being added to Ardour2) …