Inexpensive Audio Recording Software for OS X?

I would like to record about 10 seconds of audio on OS X, with the caveat that it is being played by another application and routed through Jack. Normally – like every other year – I’d just use Audacity, but it doesn’t seem to work at all with Jack. I finally found my way to Ardour, which seems more likely than average to work since it requires Jack, but I’m not willing to risk $60 to find out, especially for what will be a one-time gag recording that I’ll probably never play more than three times.

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive audio recording utility for OS X that will work with Jack? Or should I just buy AudioHijack and use it, assuming it’s any more likely to work with Audacity?

Never mind, I coaxed Audacity in to chatting with Jack. Problem solved until, probably three years from now, I decide I’d like to do it again.


for your knowledge, the $60 you saw was just a recommendation that you can alter.
You can get Ardour for OSX for $1 (one) dollar with full funcionality or even for free with the limitation that you cannot save AudioUnit plugin settings.