Indie-pop EP

My band, Dynamo Go, produced our second EP using Ardour2. All the tracking was done with Ardour on MacOS X, and then it was mixed on a Linux box that could run all the plugins :slight_smile:

The EP itself isn’t being released until July 4th, but there is a song available for listening on MySpace, called “Sad again”:

The EP will be available for sale in digital and physical formats in the next couple weeks.

“Sad again” has been getting a wee bit of attention and airplay on student radio here in New Zealand, and on one commercial station. I’ve been doing some interviews so have been trying to plug Ardour wherever possible. We’re just about to start work on a full-length album, which will almost certainly be done with Ardour again!

very cool, I dig “Sad Again” very much. How much are you planning to sell the EP for? I may be interested in buying a copy if the rest of the disc will sound as good. Keep up the good work.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

The EP will be $10 New Zealand dollars, which is about $7USD these days. There will be a few online retailers selling it who will ship internationally - I’ll post a link here once it is for sale.

The whole EP is for sale as a digital download or as a CD at: