Increasing and decreasing tracks' height

Shift+ScrollwheelUp increases the height of a track.
Shift+ScrollwheelDown decreases the height of a track.

Reading it does make sense but when doing it, when Shift+scrolling down, I always expect the track to vertically expand by pushing down the other tracks, but instead it pulls up the other tracks.

I think it should be the other way around:
Shift+ScrollwheelUp to decrease the height.
Shift+ScrollwheelDown to increase the height.

I agree, it feels wrong. Likely because it’s like you would pull the bottom edge - down to increase height.

Of course, after a while you get used to it and I expect many complaints if the behavior gets switched.

I understand, I’ve just used Ardour a few times.

Maybe that could be an option buried somewhere in preferences… But maybe that’s a bad idea as well, it’s up to the developers. I personally prefer the way it is now.

being able to drag the bottom edge of the track list options etc on the left of the screen (where the record arm buttons etc are) i think would help a lot. it would also mean you have finer control over the exact size of a track height. of course the current methods should be left there as well, to make for fast ‘preset’ settings.


ps. bit off topic, but is there a way to set the height of multiple tracks at once? if not i think this would be really useful (eg select all vocal takes, right click, height - largest to make it easy to do a comp).

edit: pps. i thought your name was ‘linuxsucksrocks’ :slight_smile:

I absolutely agree with your idea porl. Dragging from the bottom where the record/arm buttons are would be awesome, to fine tune the height, and also having a multiple track height option would be nice. By the way, yea my name is just linucksrox. I guess it sucks sometimes, but that’s only when I can’t figure out how to use it :slight_smile: Otherwise it rocks all the way. No more Windows (and spyware) finally!

I’d like to second Porl’s suggestion: it would be good to have a bindable action for minimizing/maximizing all track heights simultaneously - and when I say minimize, I mean shrink to the smallest height where waveforms are still visible, otherwise it’s less helpful for finding particular regions at a glance…