incorrect tempo in import dialog


I have a MIDI file that uses a 169BPM tempo.
The tempo information is on track 0 of the MIDI file.

When I use the import dialog, and when I click on the file name, Ardour shows: Tempo Map: 4/4 = 120

But when I click on import, the tempo is set correctly to 169BPM.

So there seem to be a display error only present in the preview panel.

sorry I forgot to mention Ardour’s version:

Ardour 5.5.584
“The Plateaux of Mirror”
(rev 5.5-584-gf2c31a3)
Intel 64-bit

self compiled

I can test on a nighly if required

Please email me the MIDI file ( or better, attach it to a bug report on … bug reports in the forums will be ignored or forgotten, in general.

I have reported the issue here, and attached a screenshot and an example midi file: