Incomplete midi file import

Hi again, everybody. There is something that is happening to me lately and I am a little clueless about what its origin may be. I am going to give an example so that it is understood. I am working with Ardor 6.7 (Linux Mint Ulyssa) and I have loaded the EZdrummer plugin (2.1.8). From the “Browser” tab, I drag various midi blocks to the bottom of EZdrummer, filling it with midi blocks up to bar 37. Then I open the ‘Track> Export Son as MIDI file …’ menu and save the file somewhere binder.

Next I go to Ardor’s ‘Session> Import’ menu, and import that midi file into the ezdrummer track. But I only import the midi file up to measure number 9, thus being incomplete.
Then I close Ardor, and run EZdrummer in standalone mode. If I import the midi file into EZdrummer, it appears complete, up to measure 37.

In Ardor again it is reimported incomplete. If instead of importing the file, I drag it from the folder it is in, it still appears incomplete.
This happens to me without having touched anything apparently, it goes from importing the midi files correctly, to importing them incomplete. Someone knows to that can it be? I wish I could fix it as it leaves me without some pretty important functionality.
Thanks and best regards.

File a bug report at, attach the MIDI file so we can check it.

Just to be sure, have you tried to grab (“G”) the right side of the midi region to see if the missing notes are actually there? It happens to me all the time that after a MIDI operation (e.g. time stretch) somehow the region boundaries are moved.

Maybe the region “appears” incomplete, but is not …

behind bar 9, the midi file is empty …

Okay, I’ll pass the report to the bug department, thanks Paul

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