"Inception-Time" arrangement using Ardour6

Hello everybody.I’ve made an arrangement of the soundtrack “Time” from the movie “Inception” scored by Hans Zimmer using Ardour6.2 and Kontakt in KDE Neon 5.19 linux.

Plugins I used:

  1. Kontakt6(using Factory Library and on top of Carla plugin host v2.2)
  2. Linuxsampler(for Cello-solo(Virtual playing orchestra SFZ) and Piano(Salamander GrandPiano)
  3. Carla Reverb
  4. Dragonfly Reverb
  5. EQ10Q
  6. a-amplifier
  7. Guitarix’s GxRat and GxAmplifier
  8. ZynAddSubFx for Bass

The session has 14 tracks and 10 buses.All the editing has been done in KdenLive.Hope you enjoy it(Please use a headphone for better audio quality):

Inception-Time arrangement in Ardour6

I love to hear your comments and suggestions about it.


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