In which order are plugins processed?

Maybe a stupid question, but Google did not know it either. If I add a couple of plugins to the pre- or post-fader section, in which order are they applied to the signal? Top to bottom?
Thanks for any insight!

In a mixer channel, Ardour(2)'s signal processing goes from the top of the screen to the bottom. E.g. the signal passes from the input through the pre-fader plugin chain (from top to bottom) then through the fader, then through the post-fader plugin chain (top to bottom) and finally out via the pan controls. You can discover the order experimentally by for example placing an EQ ‘above’ e.g. before a Compressor, and watching what happens to the compressor side-chain (gain reduction) meter as you boost the EQ (or just increase the EQ output if it has its own level control). If the signal was being routed to the compressor before the EQ, changing the EQ controls would have no effect on the compressor side-chain.

Perfect clear now Thanks!