In the meat of the lamb! (remake of "In the heat of the night")

Hello all.

So this section is dedicated to show off what we’ve made with Ardour. Here we go… :slight_smile:

I’m thus proud to present you a creation I’ve acheived very recently with a friend of mine.

It is called “In the meat of the lamb” and it is a song which pays tributes / parodies the 80s hit “In the meat of the lamb” by Sandra, so it sounds rather disco! :smiley:

The marvellous download link: & Alexis Cretu - In the Meat of the Lamb (13th ouput - 20061018).ogg
(this material may be distributed under the terms of the Free Art Licence)

I, Choplair, have performed the main female voice while my friend, Alexis, performed the dark, gloomy male voice. :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding computer processing (= a great part of the work), I only used libre software solution: Ardour for the main recording / mixing, helped by Jack-rack for the LAPSDA effects (I prefer to use a third party program to generate SFX tracks re-recorded in Ardour once and for all instead of burning my CPU with Ardour constantly using plugins), Muse for the MIDI sequencing (all non-vocal tracks are virtual), ZynAddSubFX & Qsynth for the MIDI synthesis, and at last Jamin for the final mastering (compression).
The whole on a Gentoo GNU/Linux system, with packages from the pro-audio overlay (including real-time kernel, etc.).

Feedback are welcome.
Enjoy !

Hey, it’s me again! xD

First I would like to apology for the double topic entries last time…
Then, for some people that could certainly be interested, I would like to annouce that a completely crazy music video for “In the Meat of the Lamb” just got released. :slight_smile:

It is watchable through YouTube at this address:

Or ff you prefer quality and/or hate Flash, you may grab a good quality XVID movie from 1, or an even better from 2.

As the song last time, this entire video is also a free art piece, released under the Free Art License, so feel free to redistribute!

Any comment are welcome, too.
Enjoy. :wink: