In region pitch automation

I would love to have in region pitch automation where i could automate the pitch of an audio region and the waveform would represent that change. I think this could be helpfull for making lofi-style music and especially experimental sound design.
Kind of a “timestretching lite”. Probably it would still be very hard to implement. Just wanted to drop this here anyway. :slight_smile:

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You can probably achieve this now using region fx and dropping in your favourite pitch shifter.

Pitch shifter does not exactly do what i want. I want to automate the playback speed of the region. Not changing the pitch. Maybe i should have made that clear. :sweat_smile:

then change the tempo, make a ramp or several as needed, of course if by chance you then would like it at a different pitch than the resulting one you may add an ad hoc pitch shift touch on it :wink:

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