In Memoriam - Boris Papandopulo: Wind Octet

So, we had a horrible earthquake in Croatia, earlier this week, which almost completely destroyed historical center of a small town of Petrinja.
In memory of the victims, I would like to share the 2nd movement of Boris Papandopulo’s Wind Octet performed by the wind ensemble “Camerata Cantilly” in a Concert Hall in the town of Petrinja, 2016. (recorded and edited with Ardour). The recording might benefit from a touch of reverb, but I left it out on purpose because I wanted to capture the sound and the reverberations of a Hall which, although not perfect, has served people of Petrinja for almost a century and is now totally destroyed.

  1. was a rough year, besides pandemic, which we all are going through still, we the citizens of Zagreb, Croatia survived TWO big earthquakes (march and december)… Still, I have to say, Ardour made a living a little easier for me and my wife. I, as a musician in a lockdown, have recorded a lot of stuff for the youtube (all in Ardour+Kdenlive) and have realized a couple of international co-productions an co-recordings with virtual friends from Albania and Norway. And my wife, who is a solfeggio and harmony teacher, used Ardour daily to record and compose online classes for her students. The fact that MIDI output from Ardour can be routed through JACK to VMPK keyboard (in fullscreen) and all of the sound can be routed to SimpleScreenRecorder (also through JACK) for the screencast was invaluable to her for the online harmony lessons.

So, Thank you Paul and Robin and the rest of the crew and I wish all of Ardour users truly peaceful New Year