In Heaven and You Summer 2008 Tour EP, and a sample of the Pala 7"

In Heaven and You is dark, highly literate, acoustic shoegaze. Quite good, if I do say so myself.

Pala is part of the new wave of Baltimore post-hardcore metal. also good, but all I can give is a taste. That session is actually getting presed onto vinyl.

Download link is above, gear list is below! Questions and comments are awesome!

Gear Used:
8GB DDR2 1066
AMD Opteron 1356 Budapest 2.3GHz Socket AM2 75W Quad-Core Processor
ASUS M2N-L Server Motherboard (no onboard soundcard=awesome)

Ardour digital audio workstation with all available plugins, Ubuntu 9.04 with UbuntuStudio Metapackages installed.

M-Audio delta 1010 a/d/a converter (2) (old and busted, pain in the ass to lash together, replaced by…)
RME Multiface II/HDSP PCI card/HDSPe ExpressCard
Presonus Digimax D8
Alesis Studio 32 mixing board
ART TPS 2 channel tube mic preamp (1)
ART Tube MP tube mic preamp (1)
Nady PR- 8-channel preamp (1)
Presonus BlueTube DP 2 channel tube mic preamp (1)
Presonus Bluemax stereo compressor (1)
Behringer Autocomp 2 channel compressor (1)
Seismic Audio 8 channel cable snake (1)

Tannoy reveal near-field monitors
ART 4 channel headphone preamp
Seinnheiser and Sony headphones

Audix OM2 dynamic (1)
Shure SM57 dynamic(4)
Shure SM58 dynamic(2)
Shure Beta56 dynamic(1)
Shure Beta52 dynamic(1)
Sennheiser E609 Silver dynamic (1)
Sennheiser E835 dynamic (1)
CAD KM212 dynamic (1)
CAD TM211 dynamic (2)
CAD SN210 dynamic (1)
Rode NT-1A condenser (2)
Samson CO2 condenser (2)
Nady RSM-1 ribbon (2)
Nady RSM-5 ribbon (2)