In edit window, copied objects paste at bar 1.0.0 instead of chosen position

Good afternoon.
Ever since I have used Ardour (>10years), all versions, on different machines and Debian based OS’s, I have experienced a random strange behaviour when copy/cut and pasting objects in the edit window. Every so often, the copied/cut objects paste in at bar 1.0.0 instead of the chosen position. This also happens regardless of the start point on the timeline. Now I have noticed that this occurs when arranging sections as well.
Since I’m now well used to this, it’s no longer a major problem to me, as whenever something does not appear where I pasted it, I simply undo the paste, or go to bar 1.0.0 and get the pasted object. I can re-copy and paste it again and it usually goes to the chosen position.

I wonder, have any other users experienced this phenomenon and what could cause it?

Many thanks

The most likely problem is the ‘Edit Point’.

There’s a pulldown menu, just above the track canvas, where you choose the Edit Point (EP). The Edit Point defines where a Split, Paste, Trim, or similar operations will occur.

The EP can be selected as Mouse, Playhead, or Marker.

My guess is that you are pointing with the mouse, expecting to paste there; but instead it’s pasting where the playhead is, which might be bar 1:00

-Ben at Harrison

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Many thanks for your interest in this Ben.
However, I always work with the playhead as my edit point and have just checked on my current project, in which the 1.0.0 paste has been happening frequently, that this is the case. If I re-click the edit point arrow and perform the copy paste again the region will paste at the desired point, but it still randomly defaults to 1.0.0 and always has.

@Paul, If I start new sessions in debug from now on and stop as soon as the phenomenon happens, would the issue show up in the log?

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