In Between Days (Cure cover)

Here’s a faithful cover version of one my (many) favorite Cure songs. Originally done as an exercise for some production lessons I was taking, revisited over time as I learned more.

Recorded and mixed in Ardour. Guitars directly into the interface and through Guitarix. Drums by DrumGizmo.


Congrats! Nice work there!

You passed the guitar signal through Guitarix or recorded them clean and then applied the effects? (i think the second option is the best, since you can select which effects sounds better without having to re-record everything).

I don’t have fluency in Ardour and don’t know how to use gizmo or any other drum machine in Ardour. I use jack and set hydrogen with the drum patterns as jack master. Any tutorial or advice here?

Best, Alexandre

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I treat Guitarix like it’s my amp and pedal board so I pass my signal through Guitarix on the way in. I tried using the Guitarix plugins in Ardour, but I couldn’t quite dial in the tone I wanted to match what I was getting out of the standalone app. But going forward I’m going to try recording two tracks, one stereo getting the output from Guitarix, and one mono getting the feed directly from the audio interface, so I’ll have the raw guitar signal if I ever want to revisit it.

I used this Drumgizmo tutorial to get it working initially. Then I went through and EQed each drum output channel separately until I got the sound I liked… Drumgizmo is just like a real drumset in that it can sound muddy and muffled unless you take some time to dial in the sound. Once I got something I liked, I saved that as an Ardour template so I can start with that if I want to use that kit again for a new song.

Hydrogen is great, though, so if that’s working for you then awesome. You can even take Hydrogen’s midi output and feed it into the Drumgizmo (or any other drum plugin) track if you want to try getting different sounds from your Hydrogen beats.