In- and ouput tracklists are empty

When I open the input or output menu and go to the Track page, it’s empty, so I cant connect to and from other tracks. Also in the Hardware window, the labels are so short I cant more than 2 letters of the label name, so also not practical to find a specific connection.

What can I do to fix this?

I’ve got a solution, thanks to Nik from Harrison. If this happens, file names for the track files are too long. Just shorten the names of the track files to less than 29 symbols and everything should work properly again.

You can’t post pictures here. We are using decade-or-more old forum software. Someday the right person will show up to update the web infrastructure we’re using (and get paid for it), but it hasn’t happened yet.

As I said, this type of problem is best solved on IRC. See the bottom left corner of every page here.

How do I post pictures? Then I can show you.
I know there’s something missing, I know what the menu should look like. When I create a fresh session and open this window, I can see all connections there. When you right-click on the input or output buttons, you get a windows with connections for buses, tracks, miscellaneous and hardware and these pages should list the available connections with check-boxes besides them to make the connection. On the Track page the check-boxes are there, but the labels with the name of the connection are not there. So you cant see what you’re connecting to.
And on the hardware page, the start of all the labels are there, but for just so much that you can see the first 2 letters of the name and the rest is cut short.
The buses and miscellaneous pages are showing as normal.

No idea. I suggest using IRC for problems like this. Web forums are absurd for tech support on matters that require rapid, repeated back and forth.

As a guess, I’d suggest that you’re expecting the menus for I/O to contain all possibilities. They do not (there are too many in many setups and sessions). Use Window > Audio Connections or Window > MIDI Connections.