Improvizor - a web based tool for improvisation practice

Hey all.

While this isn’t related to Ardour, I thought the audience here might find it interesting.

I built a web based tool for improvisation practice:

Initially it was built to scratch an itch but I figured why not make it a bit more general purpose and put it out there. There are some usage ideas at the bottom of the page.

I have a few items on the todo list but thought I’d first see what people think.



Nice. Are the changes random? I don’t see or hear any harmonic progression.

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Yep they are. My thinking was that if you’re looking for a more traditional backing track or progression to practice over, you can find it on YouTube or use Band-in-a-Box or similar. The idea with this tool is to take the playing over changes paradigm to an extreme by having the changes be random/nonsensical.

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