Impro Synths - 06-09-2017

Impro Synths on Debian Stretch 9 and Ardour 5.11 - Editing Video by Open Shot
Gennaro Giugliano uses: Alesis Micron,Micokorg,Yamaha Dx7 Mk1,Roland D50, Korg M1, Zoom m7 70 Cdr Effects pedal

What an excellent tune, I really enjoyed it :slight_smile: The drum track was great and reminded me of early Kraftwerk. Thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:

Gennaro, you might enjoy checking out michael daniels on youtube. He started out doing Vangelis covers a decade or so back, live, and has subsequently started mixing in some of his own compositions. I've spent too much time watching his early live videos, which are simultaneously inspiring and amazing. Vangelis used to work the same way, apparently.

hi guys, thank you forever for your tips, suggestions and reports, I am slowly trying to create a home studio based exclusively on gnu / linux and its fantastic audio and video production programs to let people know about music both for hobby and professionalism that this platform continues to move forward with the development of its programs that people like me are excited about

Hi Paul, thank you very much for your signaling to the michael daniels video channel. I’m now watching some of her videos and she is really very good with the electronic instrumentation she owns.

hi mhartzel,many thanks for your listen and comment … :slight_smile:


cool! perfect sound for my evening, thanks gennargiu

For friends who have problems displaying video on facebook, I also put the video link to youtube (

Very nice sound.

Hi ToniLink,many thanks for your listen and comment :slight_smile: