Impossible to modify Ardour connexions with QJackCtrl

Hi everyone

I’m having some troubles with ardour connexions on the ‘connexions’ window on QJackCtrl. I’m using several software such as Hydrogen, ZynAddSubFX, jackrack with no trouble. Connexions can be changed without trouble.

But with ardour things are different. It is impossible to modify connexions on ardour inputs and outputs.
I’ve unticked ‘automatic connexions’ but nothing changed. I’ve tried using ‘deconnect all’ on the ‘connexions’ window of QJackCtrl. All connexions were disconnected expect the ones involving ardour.

I’ve no idea what to do next. I’m not even shure of where or what to search.

OS : ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala
jack : prior to 0.118.0 (i believe 0.117.0)
QjackCtrl : 0.3.4
ardour : 2.8.2

Thanks for your help !


r u sure ardour were connected to jack?? seems to be impossible your problem…

what hardware r u runnin?


I know : very weird indeed !! :slight_smile:

I tried to disconnect and then reconnect ardour to jack.
when disconnected, ardour disappeared from QJackCtrl. When connected, it appeared with several connections to capture and main system out mainly. These connections could not be removed/changed.
All other software don’t seem to be impacted by this.

i run a Acer Aspire (6930G i think) with Realteck ACL888 built-in sound card. I also use a M-audio mobilePre USB sound card.
My jack configuration is set differently for both cards.
Same problem with both cards/configurations.

I ran jack and ardour under Jaunty before without trouble. I’m wondering if this could be a bug coming from Karmic.

I’ve no idea of any test or handlind that could reveal something.

Any ideas ?

Otherwise i’m gonne try to compile ardour or reinstall it…




I’ve tried a few things. Here’s what appears in jack messages’ window when I try connecting system/capture_1 and system/capture_2 to ardour/ audio_1 input_1 and ardour/audio_2 input_2

unknown destination port in attempted connection [ardour:Audio 1/entrée 1]

do you think it comes from ardour or from jack ?



I would bet Ardour or QJackCTL… More correctly it is probably the characters in the track name that are the issue.



Right, it is! french speaker, isn’t it?
First, avoid specials chars (éàè) for your track names…
Then, if Ardour names your tracks in Jack like:
“[track_name]/Entrée n”, you should set Ardour to english. Try that (don’t know if it works. From
$ unset LANG; ardour2

seems to be fixed in newer versions of jack/ardour

Yes, Ardour is set in French.

I’ve just read the link you sent. Seems to work .

I’ll try that tonight and keep you posted !

thanks a lot


Hi all

I’ve tried using this command : unset lang; ardour2 which worked but not fully. audio ins for each track were ok but not the master track.
More, i had to run this line each time. the change didn’t remain.

So I installed QJackCtrl 0.3.5 which corrected the problem.
Everything is running smoothly now !!

Thanks a lot