Importing .wav, playback is all staticky

Hiya folks.

I will give some money to Ardour, though I’d rather write a personal cheque. Is there a mail address?


So here’s my problem:
I converted an .mp3 to a .wav to I could open it in Ardour (I know lossy lossy whatever I’m not a studio.) It plays just fine (the .wav that is) in VLC or other media players, but when I open it in Ardour, it goes all red lined and staticky all over the place and sounds like poo.

Now in Audition (what I used with Windows bakc in the day) there was this ‘hard limiting’ thing that I would have used to fix the problem (ianas). It would be best if someone could tell me which options to configure, and how, so that I could import the .wav without the static and without loss, but alternately if someone could just tell me how to ‘hard limit’ the track I could make do.

Cheers, and thanks in advance for any help.

Your pal,

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as for your problem, its hard to guess precisely what the issue is without a lot more information. you haven’t mentioned what version of Ardour, what operating system, what audio interface, what version of JACK … its also not clear what you might mean by “red lined” because that actually has some real visual significance in Ardour’s editor. your problems could come from the file itself, or your entire JACK audio setup.

I’d recommend getting on IRC (see where myself and others can give you real time help diagnosing the problem and finding a solution. Forums are a really bad venue for this kind of issue.