Importing tracks from a previous Hydrogen version to the new one

First of all, sorry if I post this issue here. I’ve also did in the H2 forum but it seems is not really followed, anyways I need to wait the approval before the publication. And sometimes it didn’t arrive.
I have 3-4 drum tracks I made on the old computer, which I still have, that I have to transfer on the new one.
The problem is when I import a track all the instruments are muted. If I unmute them, they don’t sound at all.
I’ve obiously try to create a new drum track and it perfectly works.
I could save the tracks already made as wav files and import them in Ardour, but importing them firt in the newer H2 version it would be better because I could work them before the import in Ardour.
I don’t know if somebody here had the same experience.
Thank you.

Sounds like you don’t have the drum kit that you used on the old computer installed on the new one. Depending on your distro there may be a hydrogen-drumkits package that you overlooked installing on the new computer. If you can’t find a package or download for the kit you used then you can open Hydrogen on the old computer and export the kit to a file and then import that kit into Hydrogen on the new computer. Something like Instruments/export library, Instruments/import library.

Hi Craig and thanks for the answer.
Yes, I had the drum kit used before. Anyways they answered the question, so it might be useful for somebody else who has the same issue. Once you have imported the track, just re-load the kit from the instrument panel on the right.