Importing Projects from other software

I’ve done all my previous recording under CEP and Adobe Audition, so I have piles of sessions saved up. I was working on bringing them over to ardour last night and I found that when I import a .wav file as a track, I’m not given a panner for that track. Is this be design, is it a bug, or is there something else that I am unaware of? The tracks themselves import, but I can’t mix them very well without panning.


Are you sure you’re not importing the soundfile into a mono track?

Yeah, it is a mono track… But I still want to pan it… Is that not possible? It is in other software.

Luke MacNeil

The number of channels comming in to a track are not necessarily the same as the number of channels comming out of a track in Ardour. You need to make sure your track has one input and two outputs. Then you will ba able to pan. Right now your track probably has one input and one output.