Importing audio

…import audio without having the files being copied?

I have tested Ardour 2 (2.8.16 rev.13592) and Mixbus 2.2 (svn 13337).

I have in the import audio files dialog unchecked the “copy files to session” but the behaviour is the same regardless of the state.
Anyone have similar experiences (or event better a solution)?

Mixbus always copies files if I recall correctly. Ardour has an options in Preferences to force “copy files to session”. It may be enabled by default.

Actually A3, A2 and mixbus have import dialogs which are very similar. I have different behaviour when the “copy files to session” is unchecked. I just tested A3 (which I cannot use since Mixbus is still on V2) and it does the right thing. I guess it is a bug in the versions of A2 and Mixbus that I run.
Hopefully Harrison soon have migrated to the new code base.

You must check whether “Always copy files” is set before concluding that there is a problem.

To clarify what Paul said, the option he is referring to is in the Options menu of Mixbus. And yes if it is checked it will always copy the files to the session.


" I just tested A3 (which I cannot use since Mixbus is still on V2)"

Sure ya can, you just can not use all the Mixbus features! LOL