Importing audio tracks from audicity misaligned

So i have lots of audio projects that have been done in audacity. These are really simple projects with just a stereo backing track, then a couple of vocal tracks (verse chorus)

I export in audacity to get the seperate tracks (not a mixdown) then import these into ardour, but when they appear in ardour on playback they are out of time with each other by a considerable amount. Ive even moved all the tracks to the very beginning of the ardour time line so they all definatly start at the same time.

I dont know if its something not right in audacity or a bug.

Is there some trick to get all the audio files to be in sync?

Hmmmm i thought so thankfully i was only working with 3 tracks and managed to bump them into alignment after 10 minutes of shifting back and forward

I would be 95-99% certain this sounds like a bug in Audacity. It sounds like the files are being created out of alignment. Would need more testing to be certain.


veda_sticks -

What versions of Audicaity and Ardour are you seeing this with?
I’ve used Audacity for about a year before really getting into Ardour (past 2 months).
I’ve exported individual WAV files from Audacity and imported them into Ardour and have not experienced out-of-sync problems
among those tracks. How bad is your offset? I will tell you that I would see WAV files import grossly out of sync in Ardour 2.18…
but that was so obvious that I did not consider it to be a proble (I thought it might have been play pointer related. But, once I
dragged them all to the beginning of the track they all played back correctly.

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Ok so i finaly found a solution to this, and it was so simple…

Basically all i had to do was insert a second of audio at the beginning of every track in audacity. As the tracks had bee cut to remove unwanted parts there was no audio, hence all tracks becoming out of sync as audacity only exports where there is actual audio.

Pretty much

Select All - CTRL + A
Home Key (to go to beginning of track)
Then insert 1 or 2 seconds of silence.

Now when you export the waves, on importing into ardour they all match up