Importing Audio, Hydrogen, MP3s

I’ve taken a look at the incomplete manual and also searched around on the forums here and I haven’t really found anything. When I enter the drop down session menu on the up left of the Ardour there is a button called ‘Import,’ a short-cut for which is alt+I. When I click on this button, A window opens up with a few preferences with buttons at the bottom :Cancel, Apply and OK.

When I click Apply, nothing happens and when I click OK the page closes. How can I make this work so that I can Import MP3s and WAV files like Hydrogen beats and such?

~Mr. Melchionne

Ubuntu, right?
Their build is broken, you should normally see a file menu in that window as well. What you can do is drag-and-drop files from Nautilus into that windows or into the region list.
Or get a new, fixed version here

Mr. Matthews, see also: (linked right on the front page)

Thanks, Paul and Peder! I got it to import using the newer version.