Importing audio fails with "Failed to register port "Audio 1/audio_in 1"

I am trying to import a couple of wav audio files into their own tracks in an existing session and the import fails with the following message on console:

Failed to register port “Audio 1/audio_in 1”, reason is unknown from here

The files are correctly copied into the proper directory and they show up in the source list, but I cannot put them into a track(s). Any idea why I’m getting this error? I do have a fair number of audio tracks in the session already (about 30). May that be the problem?

System is a Archlinux box running latest stable Ardour on a pipewire/Jack audio backend.

Does this happen if you change to the alsa backend? How about when running Jack itself instead of Pipewire?


Thanks for the suggestion Seablade. Switching to Alsa let me import the tracks, so this seems to be a pipewire issue

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