Imported wav atomic sign record button

Hi All, I stored a finished project with some singers into a new empty project, to keep the configuration. The i imported some waves into the region list of the new project and put the regions into the belonging tracks then. So far so good. Then i had to import some instrument audio files, waves, not midi into the project. I choose to import them as new tracks. In those tracks the red record button is like an atomic waste warning sign in red. 1.) does anybody knows what the meaning of this is. Nothing to find inthe manual, or somewhere else. Bildschirmfoto_2019-11-09_18-28-08|251x110
2.) There are some empty audio files (56 Byte), named as the tracks, which are not used and , when removed with the Ardour cleaning (move unused files to wastebasket, restart and empty wastebasket) will be created again and again.

Any ideas?

You created your tracks somehow in TAPE mode, or destructive mode. Set them to a non-destructive mode and that should be resolved.


@Seablade: Thanks for the quick answer. It’s not the first time you helped me.

It’s a common misunderstanding to that I help people :slight_smile: