Import sessions from Cool Edit Pro/Adobe Audition?

New user here, I searched around here for this topic and did find an answer from 2008 that it was impossible. Hoping that maybe in the last 2 years it has become possible. I worked for years in CEP then AA, and would really like to bring all those sessions over to Ardour. Most of these have hundreds of individual audio files all over the place, each with different levels and pans, and often get moved about linearly, so bouncing each track to a single audio file isn’t an option.

Thanks for any help!

try aatranslator

tbonedude has been very helpful with testing our ardour import function and his effort is appreciated.

Unfortunately we have been preoccupied with PT export at present and while most parts are built the ardour export has not yet been completed.

Once we get this major PT release out the door (any tick of the clock now) we can try and put some resources into finishing this component.