Import properly, and delete objects (events, files...)

I know it’s basic, but the way described in the manual doesn’t work.
I installed ardour (0.99.2) from the ubuntu (dapper) repositories.

Drag and drop didn’t work … So I imported a couple of files (linked). But the import dialog apparently can’t show filesize, length and date-modified. Since most of my recordings are done with other daws (cubase, recently reaper), I have an audio folder with more files than I need, and I need some sort of orientation as to what files I’m looking for (drag and drop would be real neat).

Is it possible to import all files to their original time, or move all of them to their original time after importing? (broadcast wave usually has information as to where on the timeline it was recorded)

Now - the delete button doesn’t work - neighter does ctrl-x, ctrl-c/v. I hope someone knows why.

I’m running jack and ardour both as root (AFAIK - I have to, right?)

  1. do not run Ardour or JACK as root. there are many excellent sources of information online about how to get realtime scheduling permission as a regular user. there should be some here on, but alas, there are not. One reason for that is that the exact instructions vary according to which linux distro you are using and with what kernel.

  2. “delete does not work” - insufficient information i am afraid. doesn’t work when you try to do what?

  3. what application were you dragging-and-dropping from?

  4. ardour2 honors BWF timestamps, ardour 0.99 does not.

  5. the ardour import dialog does show file size etc, as far as i recall. it certainly does in ardour2

  6. there is a very important reason for us distinguishing between “importing” and “embedding”. one of them makes a copy of the data in the file, the other does not. they are entirely separate operations and you need to be clear which one you used (i believe you used embedding). sorry about the terminology attack.

Thanks for the quick reply!

All in all, It looks like I will wait until Ubuntu-Studio is out. There is too much to figure out right now for an application that I couldn’t use for productive work right now anyway.

  1. When I have an event (audio-object - that thingy with the waveform in it - I guess there’s no universal name for it) maked I can’t cut/delete/copy it. I have to right click - > remove to get it to go away.

  2. drag and dropped from nautilus

  3. good to hear!

  4. It doesn’t in 0.99.2 - glad they added it.

  5. I said I “linked” it… so no copy.

Looks like something went wrong with the ubuntu package. Anywhow. I’ll be checking back in April. I got Ardour to work well a year ago in Suse. Good to see it’s moving forewards… Not being sarcastic… I mean Ardour2.