Import MP3

I’m trying to import Mp3 into my session and Ardour crashes.
It would be nice having the chance to import this kind of file or at list a pop up window communicating that we can’t do it instead a mere crash.

I’m afraid mp3 are not supported in Ardour, you can make a search on the site up-right to ensure

If I try to select an MP3 file in the import dialog, I get an error message saying “One or more of the selected files cannot be used by Ardour.” No crash.

What version of Ardour are you using, and on what platform?

2.8 native on OSX 10.5.7

@lamacchiacosta: this crash is actually caused by a bug in some apple libraries. I believed that it was fixed before we released 2.8, but it appears that I was wrong (at least on Leopard). Ardour on OS X can import MP3 (Apple provides libraries to do so), but I will have to try to find some way around this crashing bug. I can’t give you an estimate - sadly, it works perfectly on my (Tiger) system, so until I can reproduce the error, it will be hard to make progress on it.

In using 2.8 rev 4920 on OS X 10.4.11 (PPC)
I have a similar issue.
When I open the Import window and navigate to a directory containing mp3s, they do not show as “Audio Files”. I change to “All Files” and they show, but when I try to open them it says “One or more of the selected files cannot be used by Arbour”.

Does the fact that they don’t even show up as audio files help identify the problem?


Very cool app. Can you tell me where to download the Help files? Apparently they didn’t make it during the install process, so it won’t load them. Thanks!

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