import MIDI file

Am trying to import a MIDI file in Ardour, and everytime it crashes during import. It’s a standard midi file, which opens in Rosegerden or OOstudio. Have tried to export as a standard midi file from Rosegarden, and it crashes Ardour too when import it. Audition in the import dialogue is working, can hear the song with reasonableSynth.

As a turn-around-the-problem, I can record a new MIDI file in Ardour, capturing the Rosegarden general MIDI out, but it can take a while when there are several tracks in the song…

Anybody here can import MIDI in Ardour with success ?

Am using Ardour3-3.5-403-gec2cb31

I can without problems

Ardour’s version : Git version: 3.5-3696-g58663db

Probably fixed in the git version. Send me the MIDI file ( - I’d like to take a look.

Yes Paul, built from GIT revision 3.5-3699-g77d5fb7 this morning makes it work, despite a lot of “MidiCCAutomation for non-MidiTrack” warnings in Log window, and import ends with : Track 1 of /media.mid contained no usable MIDI data. Looking in this track 1 by right-clic/MIDI/List editor shows nothing but MIDI notes. Not sure if Ardour delete the unusual material or not show it in list editor ?

Anyway, it seems working good, do you still like to have the file ?