Import MIDI file - silent preview

Right mouse click on MIDI track → Insert existing media
Choose “MIDI Instrument” from drop-down list
Pick a MIDI file
Press “play” or check “Auto-play”

In my case there is no sound, but the meter is showing “something” - it is moving.
What to do to hear playback? What did I miss?

Show your connections window, likely the track is not connected to the master bus, or the master bus is not connected to the audio device, or you picked the wrong audio device in the Audio/MIDI setup window (if you have more than one audio device available). To verify the audio device you would need to show the Audio/MIDI setup window settings.

It’s existing session correctly connected to audio/midi engine.
The track I clicked has MIDI regions and instrument plugin. Everything works ok. Just the import doesn’t…

Maybe the Auditioner out is not connected ?

In Menu bar Window->Audio Connections :


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The auditioner is connected to the master bus:


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