Import Midi as Ghost Track / Play Along

I want to import one of my compositions, in midi format, so that my musicans can hear them while they are playing and recording. Its some way of combined lead-track and clicktrack.

Can I do this with Ardour?

Ardour doesn’t do midi yet. You might want to take a look at running rosegarden or MusE in sync with ardour. Jack transport can sync multiple pieces of software together.

I will try that.

Maybe I just render my midis to a playalong wave.

Regarding the Google Summer of Code News:

MIDI editing by Dave Robillard, Carleton University, Ottawa (mentored by Paul Davis). Dave picked the short straw and will be working 27 hours a day to implement every item of MIDI editing functionality known to man.

What does this mean for Playing Midi in Ardour?