Import MIDI and playback MIDI through an external interface

Hi! I have a YAMAHA MX49 Synthesizer. I want to use it for playing MIDI. When you import a MIDI file and send MIDI events on the MX49 - everything plays fine but as soon as I am in the drums (channel 10) change ProgramChange, instead of the sound of drums begins to play the Piano and back to back can’t. In Midi monitor events are on channel 10, but MX49 plays the Piano. In OS Windows (Cubase) plays it right. What could be the problem? Sorry for bad English.

File a bug report and attach the MIDI file. We’ll give you an analysis of what is happening. It quite possibly a bug in Ardour.

No errors reported. Just wants to play on channel 10 Drums. The project archive at: https: //
All the steps in the video:

@goodeeny: despite you’re being sorry for your bad English, you should pay more attention to grammar. I couldn’t understand about 70% of what you were trying to explain.

About the video: this doesn’t help and will never work. How do you even expect developers watching your 15-minute video (in language they don’t speak!) of you having no idea what to do with Ardour and a PC in general? I speak Russian as my native language, so I know what is exactly happening in this video, and this is just embarassing. A better representation of a problem would be a detailed step-by-step text description of what you’re trying to do with MIDI files and GMidiMon log included. That’s why Paul asked you for filing a bug report, and that’s the way it’s done — you don’t need an error message to popup for reporting a bug in application.

The problem was due to my carelessness. Topic can be closed.