Import Midi and change sound does not work

Hey Ardour users,

I’d appreciate your help. Maybe I didn’t understand how Ardour works or I’m just doing something wrong.

This is Ardour 5.12.0 running under ubuntu 18.04 with Jack.

I want to import a finished Midi and change the sounds of individual tracks. This works for some tracks, for others it always switches back to the first instrument after a change.


  • start Ardour with empty template
  • import Midi as new tracks with the Calf Fluidsynth
  • select track number 7 from 9 tracks
  • play, no sound
  • select Calf Fluidsynth and load soundfont FluidR3_GM.sf2
  • Track plays with Audio Yamaha Grand Piano
  • I want to change this sound
  • by trial and error I find out that this track uses the Ch 12. Can’t I find that out in another way?
  • Change to Distortion Guitar
  • After 1, 2, 3 bars, the piano automatically switches back to Yamaha Grand Piano.

I would be very grateful for any hints and advice.

rock’n roll


Translated with (free version)

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