Import from x32 to ardour heavily distorted

Wow, I’m beginning to think something’s really broken with discourse.

Anyway. I’m trying to import a 32 channel 48KHz wave from my x32 into ardour, but everything ends up being insanely distorted. I’ve played around with the bitness (32-24-16) etc but with no success. It sounds stuttery, like it’s only playing the first fraction of a second before going on to the next one if that makes any sense. Any ideas. Using a freshly installed Ardour 6.

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Following because I might find this useful info, too.

I have not imported from my X32 myself, but what about exporting the audio to PC, verifying that it sounds okay, and then importing it into Ardour?

Well, I don’t know about PC (you mean windows?) but the distortion is not occurring when I load the file into audacity and play it there; only ardour appears to be having this problem.

Turns out that when I switched from using JACK to ALSA in the startup it’s not getting distorted. I think JACK doesn’t like my computer’s audio card.

Anyone who can point me to good JACK/ALSA setup docs? Most of the stuff I’ve found so far was written five to ten years ago.

Short version is it sounds like your system is not set up properly for realtime audio. This is a major difference between Audacity and Ardour, the latter of which depends on realtime audio. I would also suggest that unless you know you need the Jack backend, just use ALSA, especially given that it seems to work for you.


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